Three Basement Waterproofing Systems You Choose From for Your House

A wet basement can be really problematic for your house. Not only does it spoil your personal belongings inside, but it also spoils the foundation and structure of your house. Hence, getting your wet basement repaired or waterproofed is essential to avoid water seepage in your basement. But do you know which wet basement waterproofing Barrie system is best for your house?

If not, don’t worry! Our basement waterproofing experts will briefly explain three waterproofing systems you can choose from based on your unique situation.

Basement Waterproofing Barrie

Basement Waterproofing

  • Barrier/Tanking Waterproofing (Type A)

This type of basement waterproofing system is the most common type of basement waterproofing. Tanking or barrier waterproofing includes creating a chemical barrier or impenetrable layer on the internal and external walls of the basement. Whenever a waterproofing specialist talks about basement waterproofing systems, they are most certainly referring to barrier/tanking waterproofing systems. 

  • Structurally Integral Waterproofing (Type B)

This type of basement waterproofing system includes creating a basement that is structurally waterproofed. In simpler words, this type of waterproofing system is implemented while the basement is constructed using waterproof concrete that is resistant to water. The only thing to be remembered while using this basement waterproofing Orillia system is that it must be carefully installed during construction. Poor installation will not give effective results.

  • Cavity Drainage System

This type of basement waterproofing system directs the water away from the house. This is a great option for houses that are highly prone to floods, high hydro-static pressure, or high water table. The cavity drainage system includes installing a cavity drain membrane, drainage channels, and a sump and pump system. So, when you are using this method of waterproofing, you need to buy the whole system to ensure an effective cavity drainage system. The costs will vary based on the waterproofing system you choose. Type A waterproofing system is an affordable option, whereas a cavity drainage system might be a bit expensive as you have to buy all the components related to the system.

Basement Waterproofing Barrie

Basement Waterproofing

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