Foundation Repairs

Foundation crack repairs are often not as serious as many homeowners may fear. Often there are many repair options. Working with the experts at Crack Busters ensures that the right materials and solutions are used, to provide cost effective, and lasting results in Barrie.

Common Causes of Foundation Cracks


  • Cracks in solid poured concrete: Crack Busters has a permanent repair for this common issue. Repairing of foundation cracks can be performed from either inside or outside. Our repair method involves injecting a permanently flexible waterproof resin, which fills the full thickness of the foundation wall from one side to the other. The waterproof resin is injected at the centre thickness of the crack, at over one thousand lbs of pressure. The repair is permanent, and comes with our transferable lifetime warranty. We guarantee that the crack will never leak again, or we will fix it for free.
  • Leaking walls: Walls made of poured concrete, cinder block, stone, or construction block can all leak. We use waterproof membranes to protect whole walls or foundations from water penetration. The membranes can be installed from either the outside or from the inside, and often rely on a drainage system.
  • Structural Repairs: If the reinforcement repairs are small, they can be performed using epoxy, carbon fibre, helical piers or small sections of replacement foundation. If there are larger structural failures, this often requires a full wall or foundation replacement. These larger repairs can also be performed from either the outside or from the inside.


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Foundation Crack Repairs From The Outside

Many foundation crack repairs have to be solved from the exterior. The outside excavation, and waterproofing of a foundation crack can be a permanent repair, but, it is a demanding repair because of the hazerdous, destructive nature of excavation and working below ground level.

For foundation crack repairs to be permanent and successful, the solution will require the use of multi-membrane repairs. These multi-membranes are installed after excavation, and are tied into the weeping tile drainage system. Another effective solution is to repair the crack with a high-pressure urethane resin injection system, if possible. This solution method uses high-pressure injection fittings that are installed to intersect the crack at the centre thickness of the wall. The urethane resin expands and fills the crack from the inside to the outside, and remains permanently flexible.

Foundation Repairs From The Outside

Foundation crack repairs that are implemented from the inside, can include the installation of a French drain. This internal sub-floor drainage system covers the leaking crack or wall with a waterproof membrane. The membrane channels water into the ground under the floor, preventing any contact with finished materials. This solution avoids mould growth and any severe water damage.

High-pressure urethane resin injection systems can also be utilized to create a permanent waterproof seal for this type of repair.

HELPFUL TIP: Avoid temporary crack repairs such as injecting anything with a caulking gun, or using any repair material that is not flexible.