Masonry Work

Crack Busters has years of expeience in masonry work. This type of work require an experienced eye to replicate symmetry in structures, especially when working with natural materials, which are typically non-uniform in shape or size. An in-depth understanding of the building structure, and of the building code requirements is crucial. Also carpentry skills are required for creating forms, and knowledge of structural steel is required when installing lintels for support above doors, windows, and other building openings, which must bear the weight from the structure above.

Types of masonry work that we do:

  • Cement coatings.
  • Cement repairs.
  • Chimney construction and chimney repairs.
  • Concrete or stone driveways.
  • Concrete parging using lathes and special mortar mixes.
  • Erecting stone or brick walls, retaining walls, columns, decorative or functional structures.
  • Heritage restoration involving sourcing or re-creating original materials and designs, including colour matching mortars.
  • Installing /restoring decorative limestone, or natural stone pediments, and architectural details.
  • Installation of flagstone or quarried stone paths, walkways, patios, outdoor barbecues, fire pits and stairs.
  • Installation of veneer stone, or faux stone finishes.
  • Laying bricks and laying blocks.
  • Laying stone with mortar, or dry stacking.
  • Poured concrete stairs, and poured concrete walkways.
  • Pouring footings, columns, and support pads
  • Restorative water-proofing of block, stone, or poured concrete foundations
  • Tuck-pointing deteriorated mortar joints, and replacing shaled, or porous bricks (restoration)


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Why Choose Crack Busters Water Proofing Co.?

With all of the essential skills required to do great masonry work, you need the experience and professionalism of Crack Busters to do the job right. A great mason requires years of practice, with much of the work relying on experience, and artsitic-like skills. The reward in masonry work comes when the job is done, and looks great! In the case of restoration work, a great job looks like the repaired area has always been there. In the case of a new project, or replacement work; the satisfaction comes from a flawless, uniform texture and appearance of the materials.

Whatver your masonry needs, contact Crack Busters to do it right.