Wet Basement Repair

Basement waterproofing specialist Barrie

If you have a wet basement, it’s time to contact Crack Busters for wet basement repair solutions. Meet experts at our company for the best waterproofing and wet basement repair solutions in Barrie.

Wet basement repair Barrie

Crack Busters are experts in basement waterproofing. The solution can be implemented from the exterior, or from the interior of your home.

Waterproofing from the exterior requires the bottom of the foundation wall to be exposed by excavation. The foundation is pressure-washed, all cracks and holes are repaired, and the weeping tile is replaced, if required. New gravel is placed on top of the weeping tile, and two waterproof membranes are installed over the entire foundation, which is finally covered with earth.

Waterproofing from a home’s interior requires the installation of our proprietary drainage system along the edge of the leaking walls under the basement floor. A waterproof membrane is installed to cover the foundation walls, and we connect the membrane to the drainage system. The new system can be tied into to a sump pump if needed, and new concrete is poured to repair the floor.

Basement waterproofing Barrie

Contact Crack Busters to learn more about waterproofing solutions, and wet basement repair options.

HELPFUL TIP: If your wet basement issue is small, and does not involve weeping tile repair, then foundation crack repair may be all that is required. Many leaking foundation cracks can be permanently repaired with our high-pressure urethane resin injection system, from the inside or from the outside, depending on the situation. This type of repair fills the full thickness of the foundation wall from the inside to the outside, and remains permanently flexible, which ensures a permanent waterproofing solution.


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