Basement Finishing

Add more living space, enjoyment and value to your home with a finished basement. A finished basement is a great place for entertainment, family, or for fun and recreation.

But the fun ends if you have a wet basement.

Never finish a basement that has a moisture problem. This is an invitation for major problems:

  • Water Damage – A leak or moisture in your basement will ruin carpets, furniture, drywall, and it can cause mould.
  • Mould – Moisture can cause mould. It’s difficult to find mould in a finished basement, so it is difficult remove, and will require disrupting your basement finishings.
  • Costly Repairs – Not only will you have to find and repair the leak, or source of the moisture, you will also have to refinish your basement.

Finishing a basement with water or moisture issues will be disappointing, and the source of expensive repairs.

Crack Busters will Repair and Waterproof Your Basement Before Finishing It

Crack Busters is your best choice for basement waterproofing in Barrie. Our guaranteed basement repair and waterproofing services will let you finish your basement with confidence, and help you to enjoy all your home has to offer.

  • Basement Waterproofing – Complete solutions inside and out. Crack Busters will fill every crack, we will seal the entire wall, and we will improve the drainage system of your home, so water can’t get (back) into your basement.
  • Stop Mould & Mildew – Enjoy clean air and a healthier basement, with Crack Busters’ extra-duty dehumidifiers and air filters.
  • A Solid Foundation – Any stress on your foundation walls can make them crack, bow, or they can even collapse. Crack Busters’ professional waterproofing solutions will permanently stabilize your foundation walls.


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Why Choose Crack Busters Water Proofing Co.?

Our goal is to help you enjoy your home, in the most healthy and sound way. We will fix your wet basement guaranteed! We will solve all of your foundation issues, and we do a lot more:

    • 24/7 Emergency Response available to all of our customers
    • Your basement waterproofing solution will exceed local building code requirements
    • Basement waterproofing, and basement finishing adds significant resale value, enhanced enjoyment, and a healthier lifestyle

Choose Crack Busters, and enjoy more, healthier living space, with your moisture free finished basement. You will have added comfort knowing that your basement will stay warm and dry – guaranteed!