Causes and Costs of Masonry Repair Services for Bulging Bricks

Have you noticed an unusual bulging of your stone or brick wall? Or maybe you notice that your house windows are not level anymore? If so, your house is experiencing bulging bricks. Bulging bricks are usually seen after heavy rainfalls or harsh winter, both of which are pretty common here in Canada. But don’t worry, with professional masonry repair Barrie, bulging bricks can be repaired to ensure your brick wall stands strong for time to come.

What are the causes of brick bulging?

Brick bulging can have serious consequences if not dealt with quickly. It can weaken the whole brick wall causing it to fall apart. This can cause structural damage to the building. And if a large brick falls apart, it can also cause injury to people around it. Hence, make sure to notice the causes of bulging bricks and repair them immediately.

Masonry Repair Barrie

Masonry Repair Barrie

But do you know the causes of bulging bricks? If not, here’s what you should notice.

  • Make sure to notice any unusual cracks in the walls.
  • Notice if there are any deteriorating mortar joints. This can lead to more water seeping in causing bulging bricks.
  • Notice if there is excess humidity on the walls. Excess humidity will cause the formation of ice on the walls causing bulging bricks.
  • Rust on anchors is another reason for bulging bricks. This can make the wall lose.

What are the costs of repairing bulging bricks?

The good news is that you can repair bulging bricks and prevent your brick wall from falling apart. You need to hire experienced masonry work Barrie professionals to repair bulging bricks. But how much does it cost? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Bulging bricks: The average cost of materials and labour is$30 to $48/sq.ft.
  • New brick installation: The average cost of materials and labour for new brick installation is $30 to $48/sq.ft.
  • Repointing: The average cost of materials and labour for repointing bulging bricks is $14 to $22/sq.ft.
Wet Basement Orillia

Wet Basement Orillia

However, if your brick wall has been weakened due to prolonged bulging bricks, it won’t be cost effective to repair it. In such cases, you might need to rebuild the whole brick wall. This is a time-intensive and slightly expensive job. This can cost you somewhere between $24,000 and $48,000. Hence, before your brick wall deteriorates to a large extent, it is always advised to repair bulging bricks immediately as you notice.

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