Masonry Work Barrie – 5 Types of Service You Should Know

Are you planning on building your own house? Then you might already have acquired land where you would want to build your house. But have you decided on the type of masonry work Barrie you want for your new home? If you didn’t know this already, let us tell you that there are different types of masonry construction based on the construction material you choose. At Crack Busters Water Proofing Co., we provide efficient masonry work Barrie to our customers in the region. Masonry Work BarrieWhether it is residential or commercial construction, our professionals provide the best. However, before you hire us for masonry work Barrie, here are the different types of masonry construction based on materials.

  • Brick Masonry Construction: As the name suggests, this type of masonry construction makes use of bricks made of burnt clay. You can find first-class, second-class, and third-class bricks which are used based on the type of construction.
  • Concrete Masonry Construction: In this type of masonry work Barrie, concrete blocks are used to construct the building. This type of construction is quite popular, affordable, and fire-resistant. This is a highly recommended construction material for schools, factories, and residential buildings.
  • Stone Masonry Construction: If you want durable construction, make sure to choose stone masonry construction. Stone is highly durable and strong. Moreover, this material is weather-resistant and hence it isn’t affected by regular wear and tear.
  • Gabion Masonry Construction: Baskets made out of galvanized steel or zinc-protected steel are filled with stones to create gabion masonry constructions. The baskets are called Gabions that act as a single unit. Gabion masonry construction is great for retaining walls.
  • Veneer Masonry Construction: If you have a remodelling project, veneer masonry work Barrie is a perfect choice. This type of construction will give the structure an amazing finish and look. Veneer stones are put in front of the brick to give a fine finish and textured look.

Masonry Work Barrie

So, these are the five types of masonry construction that you can choose from based on your requirements. The only thing you need to make sure of is choosing the right professionals for masonry work. If you live in Barrie, Ontario, and are looking for masonry work services, get in touch with us at Crack Busters Water Proofing Co. right away. We provide high-quality, professional, and certified masonry work services in the region. We provide masonry repair along with wet basement proofing, foundation repair, crawlspace repair services, and more.

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