Black Mold: Here’s Why You Should Pay Attention to It!

Did you get basement waterproofing Barrie services in your house basement? If not, well you can get into a lot of trouble if you get a wet basement during the rainy or winter season. 

A wet basement can be problematic for several reasons such as damage to the property and your personal belongings. Additionally, another major issue of having a wet basement is the growth of black mold. If neglected, black mold can quickly spread to different areas of the house and cause major problems. 

basement waterproofing BarrieLet’s get to know a little more about black mold and its effects.

Black Mold: What is it?

It is a type of toxic mold growing in damp and humid environments. Hence, a wet basement is an ideal location for it to grow. You can identify the growth of black mold with greenish and black patches on the walls, ceilings, foundation, and other organic items. 

Black mold is dangerous because it releases microscopic spores which are known to cause severe allergic reactions, respiratory issues, skin irritation, and more. Hence, if you notice black mold in the basement or any other damp area of your house, make sure to call professionals for mold remediation. 

4 Reasons to Consider Black Mold to Be a Serious Issue

  • Structural Damage: As mentioned above, black mold can cause major structural damage to your house especially if it is growing in the basement. Black mold loves organic materials, hence, insulation, drywall, wood, and more are a good breeding ground for it. This can eventually lead to warping and rotting of the house structure. So much so, that black mold can damage your house foundation resulting in foundation repair Orillia which can be a costly affair. 
  • Health Risks: Black mold is known to cause severe health risks. This is especially of concern if you have immunocompromised individuals in your house. It can cause severe health complications in such individuals. Apart from this, black mold can cause allergic reactions which can quickly turn fatal, respiratory issues, and skin issues such as rashes and irritation. 
  • masonry repair BarrieSpreads Easily: Black mold spores are easily spread to other areas of your house. It can travel through the air or stick to your clothes and move around the house. As soon as these spores find a humid environment in other areas of your house, they will start growing there too. This can complicate mold remediation.
  • Impact Property Value: If you are selling your house, black mold can significantly impact your property’s value and its prospects of finding good buyers. 

As you can see, black mold can not only wreak havoc on your house but also your health. So, call us at Crack Busters Water Proofing Co., for mold remediation services. In addition, we also provide other services such as foundation repair, wet basement repair, waterproofing, masonry repair Barrie, and more. 

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