Three Basement Waterproofing Methods That Don’t Need Digging

What comes to your mind when we say basement waterproofing Midland? If you are like any other average homeowner, you will imagine technicians digging up the house perimeter creating huge heaps of soil. This will be followed by the expenses you need to bear for waterproofing and restructuring the exterior of your house. Now, as waterproofing experts, we will certainly say that exterior waterproofing methods are the best way to protect your basement from flooding, mould, and mildew growth. However, there are other ways where digging up around your house won’t be necessary. And even if it did, the digging will be way less than the usual.

Here are the alternative methods that don’t require outside digging yet provide effective waterproofing.Basement Waterproofing Midland

  • Interior Drain Tile

If you find a wet basement due to an increase in hydrostatic pressure, installing an interior drain tile is the best way to combat this situation. Interior drain tile installation will prevent the entry of water through the floor and cove joints. Installation of interior drain tile doesn’t require much digging. Instead, a small amount of digging is done inside the basement which can be repaired quite easily. So, if you want minimal digging, you can ask the contractor to see if interior drain tile installation can solve the problem or not.

  • Crack Injection

Most homes these days have a concrete foundation. The main reason is that a concrete foundation has a higher ability to sustain lateral pressure. However, a concrete foundation may also suffer cracks due to extremely high lateral pressure. This can lead to water seepage in the basement resulting in wet basement Orillia and other issues. However, these cracks can be repaired using epoxy injection and filling the cracks from inside of the basement. This method doesn’t require any digging at all. Being the most common method, your contractor may suggest this method quickly.

  • Crawl Space Encapsulation

If you don’t have a full-height basement, you most likely have crawl space. And these spaces are prone to similar damage as any full-height basement. Water can seep from the floor cracks and cove joints in the crawlspace making the foundation and structure weak. So, you can prevent this using the crawl space encapsulation method. This method doesn’t require any digging and is done from the inside.wet basement Orillia

Bottom Line

Although exterior basement waterproofing is the best way to prevent a wet basement, there are alternative methods that you can opt for. These alternative methods need little to no digging and are done from the inside of the basement, unlike exterior waterproofing.

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